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From Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Subject Can RMI Naming Port be 1099?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 16:15:04 GMT
   I am trying to run G with a different set of ports. The RMI Naming
port is set to 1099 in config.xml by default. The following code in
RMIRegistryService appears to be causing some problems:

registry = LocateRegistry.createRegistry(port);

   Even though the port is passed as a parameter, the default
java.rmi.registry.REGISTRY_PORT is being used. In other word if the
server is started with 1089 as RMI Naming port, it correctly uses that.
But in addition 1099 is also used. Does anyone know why?
   A workaround for this is to have default RMI Naming port as 1089 (or
something..). This will help us run multiple instances of G on same
Disclaimer: I am not an RMI expert, but acting like one for the purpose
of this discussion.


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