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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Version numbers starting to creep into module poms
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 07:52:11 GMT
I've been finding a few spots where folks are using version numbers  
in child poms.  Please do not do this, it makes it difficult to  
manage the versions.  The current policy for version numbers is:

For external dependencies, define the <dependency> w/version in the  
top-level pom's <dependencyManagement> section.

For internal dependencies (modules which have their source in the  
current project, and share the same version), define the <dependency>  
with a <version>${version}</version> in the dependent module (do not  
create an entry in <dependencyManagement>).

  * * *

For extreme edge cases where for some reason either of the above  
doesn't make any sense... then document why it does not make sense in  
the pom where its used.  But... really I can't think of any good  
reason for this.

Soon when we have modules grouped together by functionality, then we  
can use the containing module's dependencyMangement to better contain/ 
group this information... but until then... please do try to make use  
of the top-level pom's dependencyMangement bits.



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