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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Re: EJB and JAX-WS
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 17:36:55 GMT

> > 1) OpenEJB must recognize and inject @Resource WebServiceContext
> > resource. This is like the EJBContext object I think (not looked up in
> > JNDI and there is no DD XML for it). So somehow we must be able to
> > pass WebServiceContext implementation from within Geronimo to the EJB
> > container. Maybe somehow through the EjbDeployment object.
> Sure.  What do we have in place for processing @Resource
> WebServiceContext for Servlets?  Should be easy to figure out how to
> do it on the EJB side based on what's done in the Servlet side.

For POJO-based web services we have a separate @Resource injector. It
basically just checks the type of @Resource annotation and if it is of
WebServiceContext type, an instance of that type is returned otherwise
JNDI lookup is done.
See JAXWSResourceAnnotationHandler class in

> > 2) The InvocationContext.getContextData() must return the same exact
> > Map object as WebServiceContext.getMessageContext() returns. I think
> > this just pretty much depends on 1).
> Good info.  I'm not really following the new web service stuff, so if
> you run into more requirements like this definitely continue to post.



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