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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Why do we keep growing new Confluence spaces?
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 03:48:55 GMT
Seems like we keep sprouting up new spaces in Confluence... I don't  
think this is a very good idea.  I'd like to see some of these spaces  
condensed, probably moving some of the content to GMOxSITE.

Why is there a GMOxSAMPLES space?  Seems like this just contains a  
single-page per version with links to the GMOxDOC<version> space.   
IMO this space should go away.

GMOxPMGT also strikes me as a space that should not exist... its  
content should probably end up in GMOxSITE.

  * * *

Going forward, as we move closer to having multi-site stitching  
implemented to get these exported pages served up from http://, its going to be more an more important not to  
keep growing new spaces where they aren't really needed.

IMO, the *less* spaces we have the better... and right now I think we  
have way too many.

Apache Geronimo (GMOxSITE)
Apache Geronimo Development (GMOxDEV)
Apache Geronimo Documentation (geronimo)
Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base (GMOxKB)
Apache Geronimo Project Management (GMOxPMGT)
Apache Geronimo Samples (GMOxSAMPLES)
Apache Geronimo SandBox (GMOxSBOX)
Apache Geronimo TCK (GMOxTCK)
Apache Geronimo v1.0 (GMOxDOC10)
Apache Geronimo v1.1 (GMOxDOC11)
Apache Geronimo v1.2 (GMOxDOC12)
Apache Geronimo v2.0 (GMOxDOC20)
Geronimo_MoinMoin_wiki (GMOxMoinMoin)


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