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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject JPA Usability in Geronimo
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:44:16 GMT
Hello everyone.

Since Geronimo now has JPA support (both via OpenJPA and Cayenne) now 
would probably be a good time to figure out what usability features 
should be implemented to support them.

Here is a very preliminary list - please (really...please) add any 
features you either would personally need/like or that you believe would 
be helpful for users:

1) View of loaded persistence units (tree format with persistable 
classes under each unit)
2) View of loaded persistence units detailing their properties (back-end 
database, transaction mode, ...)
3) ??
4) ??

For myself, I would like to be able to have JPA entities directly 
defined within web apps (WAR files rather than EJB-JARS).  Is there 
anyone else that would use that feature if it were available?  Or just 
me (the main reason that I want this is that I haven't bothered to learn 
how to build an EAR).

Anyone else have wishlists for JPA?


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