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From Lasantha Ranaweera <>
Subject HTTPS Listener in consistencies & PKCS12 support
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 05:26:19 GMT
Hi Folks,

I noticed some in consistencies in the Geronimo console when it comes to 
Jetty & Tomcat environments while we are creating HTTPS listeners (two 
different UIs). Tomcat GUI support both PKCS12 and JKS key stores while 
Jetty only supports JKS (there are some other differences too). Is there 
any reason behind this kind of change? Can't we use the same GUI for 
this kind of activity because it will give G user same environment 
whether it is Tomcat or Jetty ?

Also in Tomcat HTTPS listener supports PKCS12 key store type G currently 
only supports JKS type. Can't we add the PKCS12 in to the G key stores 
since it is more industry standard when it comes to key stores than JKS? 
I remembered using bouncy castle as security provider with PKCS12 
sometime back without any issues  ;-) . Any insight would be greatly 

I would like to spend some of my time on these issues if there is no big 
technical (also legal) barrier associated with it :-) .


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