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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: Getting ready for G 1.2 release?
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:09:27 GMT
The yoko vote for a release is underway, and the committer portion will 
wrap up today and it will be sent to the incubator general list for a 
vote.  With luck, the M2 release will be available next week. 

We also have to update the javamail spec version and also the javamail 
provider version.  The vote on the spec passed yesterday.  I haven't 
checked to see if dblevins has published the new release yet.  I'll get 
the vote started on the provider stuff today, as it was dependent on the 
spec jar in order to publish the candidate.  That also should be 
available early next week.


Jason Dillon wrote:
> I think we should start wrapping up the SNAPSHOT deps we have in 1.2 
> to prepare for a release.  These are the ones I am aware of:
>     openejb 2.3-incubating-SNAPSHOT
>     yoko 1.0-incubating-M2-SNAPSHOT
>     activemq 4.1-SNAPSHOT
> ActiveMQ is on its way to releasing 4.1.1, which should be available 
> soonish (maybe sometime next week?).
> When can we get non-SNAPSHOT artifacts from OpenEJB and Yoko?
>  * * *
> There are also a few SNAPSHOT artifacts configured in  the testsuite/*:
>     maven-invoker-plugin 1.0-SNAPSHOT
>     maven-surefire-plugin 2.8-SNAPSHOT
> We don't even use the maven-invoker-plugin, so that can be dropped.  
> And the maven-surefire-plugin is for TestNG support, and there isn't 
> much hope of getting that resolved any time soon.  But, these don't 
> need to be non-SNAPSHOT's for the release (would be nice though) since 
> this module is not included in the default build.
> I suppose we could include the maven-surefire-plugin 2.8-SNAPSHOT (and 
> its deps) in the repository module (using timestamp-build versions).  
> But IMO its not a requirement or blocking issue for 1.2 releasability.
>  * * *
> There are also 8 unresolved JIRA's for 1.2:

> Anyone know of any other issues which need to be wrapped up for 1.2?  
> And/or if any of the above issues should be resolved/deferred for 
> another release?  If you have a moment, please take a peek.
> --jason

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