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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Virtualization Status on Wilbur
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 20:25:17 GMT

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Right now I'm running SuSE Open Linux 10.2 with the Xen kernel.  I've
> created a VM with 3G of memory and 2 CPUs (I don't currently have Intel
> hyperthreading enabled).
> The performance of the VM is a bit sluggish.  I had made some
> assumptions on the performance based on the box's characteristics (4
> 3.4Ghz dual core processors with 16MB shared L3 cache).  It has 20GB of
> PC3200 memory.  I think those assumptions may not be valid so I'm going
> to step backand get a baseline of native performance and then layer in
> the Xen Kernel and finally some VMs.  I was hoping to avoid these steps
> cause they take time.

Look in to tuning the kernel and Xen, and th eprocessor.  I have seen
virtualization, when tuned, to nearly see almost no performance
difference.  Also be sure you boot into the bios and turn on the VT
processor extensions.  A larges % of the machines get shipped with those
turned off in the bios (I don't know why they keep em off initially).


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