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From "Rakesh Midha" <>
Subject Re: Web Console dependency viewer
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:16:23 GMT
Hello Joe

Thanks for comments,
1. Someone need to look into safari problem because I don't have a required
resource to check the problem
2. About recursive dependencies, have a dependencies node as childnode makes
the tree huge, thats the reason I didn't implement initially. Instead what I
did is when you click on particular dependency, the node corresponding to it
is also selected which makes it easier to find. One can scroll and see the
auto selected node and keep expanding it.

This was the solution I can came up with when I was not using links, now
that I have links implemented in other views, if you think having recursive
nodes is more helpful, I can implement it. If you think recursive will be
better than highlighted and selected approach, please go ahead and open a
JIRA for this and I will make the required changes. Please note using links
may make the tree slow (but it will be better than using plain recursive
tree, plain recursive tree is a killer, i know becoz I tied it).


On 3/19/07, Joe Bohn <> wrote:
> Rakesh,
> I was just looking at the dependency viewer and I had some comments:
> - There seems to still be some problems using the viewers from safari.
> Is anybody looking into these problems?
> - Would it be possible to follow the dependencies recursively in the
> viewer?  For example, I'm looking at the dependencies of the axis car.
> One of the dependencies is the j2ee-security car which in turn has a
> dependency on on rmi-naming which has a dependency on j2ee-system (among
> other things) etc...   However, to see these relationships I need hop
> from car to car in the viewer. It would be cool if I could just continue
> to expand the tree elements until a set of leaf nodes are reached.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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