Sorry for the delay in getting to this... Anyway, I put together something to start with on the wiki ( I'm not exactly convinced this is the best place for it since we are tying it to a geronimo version. I guess I'm left wondering what we should do with this...

So, I guess in general, what do we want out of the DayTrader doc? I've tried to start off with a high-level approach and start to drill down. Most of what I have written thus far is actually based on DayTrader 1.2... 2.0 will add JPA and eventually EJB3. I guess some of the additional areas that need to be covered could be...

- how to build
- how to deploy
- how to create the database

What else?


On 2/6/07, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
I think Chris B is putting some things together. Chris, is there any area of the app you are not planning to doc right away?
I'm just trying to avoid overlapping (yeah, weird, really weird, this is documentation that we are talking about ;-)  )


Kanchana Welagedara wrote:
> Hi All
> I'll be in for the DayTrader.Shall we come up will a "TODO" list ?
> Regards
> Kanchana
> On 2/3/07, *Hernan Cunico* <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     I was thinking we should give DayTrader a bigger role in the
>     Geronimo v2.0 documentation (yes, I'm always orbiting round doc ;-)  )
>     It's a great app that will help us test lots of components in
>     Geronimo and it will more massive if accompanied with the respective
>     doc.
>     Volunteers? I'll help as much as I can but need lot of guidance.
>     Cheers!
>     Hernan

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