Matt, et. al.

As part of the DayTrader 1.2/2.0 cleanup, I was looking through the src tree and was wondering if the following directories need to be deleted, removed, or revamped.

- images
Looks like this directory contains some Photoshop mock ups of the DayTrader UI. Do we still need these?

- bin
It looks like most of these files are carry overs from 1.0 and need to either be removed or revamped.

- modules/derby
This directory contains scripts for creating derby database and associated tables. This function can be performed using the plan file and table creation function in the application without the use of scripts. I think we should keep the script around; however, I don't think the module directory is the best location for it. It looks like this directory was at one time processed by maven, but I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it should be moved to the bin directory and the schema files should be synced up with those in the WAR.

Thoughts or comments???


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