In an effort to close out Daytrader 1.2 (branches/1.2) and and sync up any unwanted deltas between 1.2 and trunk, I am working my way through the open JIRAs and applying those with outstanding patches.

Yesterday, I applied updates for the following JIRAs to trunk (since they had already been committed to 1.2).
- DAYTRADER-22: Config flag for publishQuotePrices

When applying the changes for DAYTRADER-17 in truck, I forgot to update the pom.xml files with the correct Daytrader snapshot version. Matt took care of that, earlier this morning (DAYTRADER-34).

In addition to these items, I would like to go ahead and apply patches that have been submitted for the following JIRAs...
- DAYTRADER-25: DDL updates for indexes and decimal precision and an update to the quote price change logic
- DAYTRADER-29: Remove Async 1-Phase mode
- DAYTRADER-33: Add JMS close connection to TradeDirect.queueOrder

Any objections, concerns, or comments?



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