i was going to start piecing some of that together here soon as we try to close out daytrader 1.2. as for a starting point with other general documentation... here is a doc that was included with trade 6 before it was donated to apache. it might serve as a good starting place...


On 2/5/07, Hernan Cunico <hcunico@gmail.com> wrote:
good point, we don't even have a doc for retrieving, building and deploying.

Does any of the folks working closer to DayTrader have any info on building/deploying?


Lasantha Ranaweera wrote:
> I am in for DayTrader side (bugs or enhancements).  Do you need this
> kind of  support too?
> If yest please let me know the latest trunk location of DayTrader. Still
> I couldn't find it out to play around it.
> Thanks,
> Lasantha
> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I was thinking we should give DayTrader a bigger role in the Geronimo
>> v2.0 documentation (yes, I'm always orbiting round doc ;-)  )
>> It's a great app that will help us test lots of components in Geronimo
>> and it will more massive if accompanied with the respective doc.
>> Volunteers? I'll help as much as I can but need lot of guidance.
>> Cheers!
>> Hernan

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