Look at "GERONIMO-1592 Add NamedUPCredentialLoginModule to Console Realm Wizard".  You can add a NamedUPCredentialLoginModule to the security realm.  (Admin Console in G1.2 (and above) provides an option to add a NamedUPCredentialLoginModule while creating a security realm.  The fix is also integrated into G1.1 branches, but, post G1.1.1 release).  This will make the username and password saved under privateCredentials in the subject and can be retrieved once authentication completes.

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On 2/6/07, Phani Madgula <> wrote:
To put the issue correctly, I need to access user credentials in my servlet while using Container managed authentication say FORM login. This is required because, I need them for some loging/establishing DB connections etc. Ofcourse, If we use programatic authentication, it can't be done easily.
In my first mail, I was trying to use a filter for j_security_check so that, I can hook some code there to perform the tasks. However, I was not able to do so.
I will try your option.

On 2/2/07, Vamsavardhana Reddy < > wrote:

What kind of logging are you looking at?


On 1/31/07, Phani Madgula <> wrote:
I have a web application that uses FORM login. I would like to have a filter to be declared for j_security_check service so that I can perform some loging tasks. Is it allowed in Geronimo/Tomcat?
I tried with the below tags but filter will not be called..! Any help on this?
<filter-name >Page Request Timer</filter-name>
<filter-class>TimeTrackFilter</ filter-class>
< filter-mapping>
<filter-name>Page Request Timer </filter-name>
<url-pattern >j_security_check</url-pattern>