On 1/31/07, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <devlists@hanik.com> wrote:
This is the formal vote to accept the J2G codebase and bring it through
incubation (see
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=geronimo-dev&m=116906208022256&w=2 )
The final destination is to be part of the geronimo devtool subproject.
(see http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=geronimo-dev&m=116958894929809&w=2 )

The code donation is located at:

[ ] +1 lets bring it in, this is great
[ ]  0 do what ever you want, not my cup of tea
[ ] -1 keep it out of our sight, I have a good reason

[ ] I'm willing to mentor this project while it is in incubation
[ ] I'm willing to champion the effort while it is in incubation

Committers' votes are binding, all other votes will be duly noted

Best regards