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From "Tomasz Pik" <>
Subject Re: [mojo-dev] Re: Moving plugin-support bits out of Genesis into Mojo?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:42:32 GMT
On 2/25/07, Jason van Zyl <> wrote
> On 24 Feb 07, at 8:22 PM 24 Feb 07, Jason Dillon wrote:
> > Folks, I'm thinking about moving the plugin-support module out of
> > Genesis and into the Mojo project.  A few plugins I maintain there
> > already use some parts of this, but the classes were simply
> > duplicated.
> >
> > I'm also planning on updating the groovy-maven-plugin at the Mojo
> > project to have the same features as the script-maven-plugin from
> > Genesis, and that plugin uses a quite a bit of the support fluff in
> > plugin-support.  I've talked to Jeff already about this and he
> > seems fine with it.
> I would much rather see the Groovy stuff work the same way as the
> Beanshell and Ruby mojos. What is the script-maven plugin exactly?
> Some BSF thing?

The 'BSF thing' is here:
I'm using this with some different languages and its working as
So I think that ideal situation would be to have one general plugin
like this (using BSF) so different languages may be used in basic
way (this would be a good replacement for using ant iniside maven
for some tasks). And, for advanced scripting: dedicated plugins
line ruby-maven-plugin, groovy-maven-plugin and so on.
Those plugins may also provide 'plugin-tools' so [groovy|ruby] driven
mojos may be created. I was planning to create such support
for BSF plugin too but... I think it will be better not to have BSF
layer - if somebody wants to write a plugin then I thing (s)he
would need direct access to interpreter.


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