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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [mojo-dev] Re: Moving plugin-support bits out of Genesis into Mojo?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 09:35:58 GMT
On Feb 25, 2007, at 12:42 AM, Tomasz Pik wrote:
>> I would much rather see the Groovy stuff work the same way as the
>> Beanshell and Ruby mojos. What is the script-maven plugin exactly?
>> Some BSF thing?
> The 'BSF thing' is here:
> I'm using this with some different languages and its working as
> expected.
> So I think that ideal situation would be to have one general plugin
> like this (using BSF) so different languages may be used in basic
> way (this would be a good replacement for using ant iniside maven
> for some tasks). And, for advanced scripting: dedicated plugins
> line ruby-maven-plugin, groovy-maven-plugin and so on.
> Those plugins may also provide 'plugin-tools' so [groovy|ruby] driven
> mojos may be created. I was planning to create such support
> for BSF plugin too but... I think it will be better not to have BSF
> layer - if somebody wants to write a plugin then I thing (s)he
> would need direct access to interpreter.

I was aware of this plugin before, though it suffers from the basic  
BSF limitation of lack of rich interaction with the underlying  
scripting engine.  Though as I mentioned before BSF is quite good for  
simple expression evaluation, and nice and handy if you need to  
expose the choice of language to users.

One of the issues right now with the groovy-maven-plugin, or your  
plugin using BSF (or any BSF-thingy), its that with Groovy there is  
no control over the GroovyClassLoader, which means that there is no  
_easy_ way to allow scripts to import other scripts which happen to  
live in the same directory or resource archive.  This is easy enough  
to resolve by adding a custom resource loader to the  
GroovyClassLoader to fetch classes from.

Anyways... my point is (if I even have one) is that your script-maven- 
plugin, and the more advanced script-specific plugins have their  
place... I don't think that the BSF (or the new scripting muck in JDK  
6... though I've yet to actually play with that much) provide a rich  
enough interface for some of the more advanced bits one might want  
for a scripting interface in Maven.



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