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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: XBean web site
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 02:18:37 GMT
On Feb 12, 2007, at 11:42 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:
> Guillaume,
> continuing our conversation, now on dev@, I'll reissue some of my  
> previous comments (just my observations, hopefully it still will  
> make sense ;-)  )
> The XBean folks are using Confluence to maintain their site but we  
> (Geronimo) are not. We still use xdocs and ant script to build our  
> site. The source for Geronimo's web site is on svn.
> We are not using Confluence for Geronimo's web site due to some  
> issues with the autoexport plugin. Until we address those issues,  
> vote and mover over Confluence, IMO, the subprojects listed under  
> Geronimo's web site URL ( ) should  
> use the same build method we use and be part of Geronimo's web site  
> svn repo.

I completely disagree.

I believe that Geronimo should also use Confluence to support  
generation of the website.  Aside from a few minor issues, and the  
lag time from export to live, I don't see any reason not to use  
Confluence in this manner.  It has been on my TODO list for quite  
some time, I did an initial POC, but got sucked up into TCK-land  
which has been taking up most of my time.

I actually don't think that the current Geronimo website xdoc+script  
thing is very good and it should go soon.  Its not very friendly,  
people tend to forget steps and corrupt the site, and its not easy to  
add new content to.

> So far we have three subprojects listed and they are integrated in  
> three different ways:
> 1.- Development Tools : part of main web site src and build process  
> (ideal)
> 2.- GBuild            : link to cwiki (external link, no real  
> integration but not disruptive either)
> 3.- XBean             : bypass svn repo and copied directly into / 
> www/ (IMO, *really really bad practice*)
> The way it is explained in the link you are pointing out (http:// 
> goes well if you don't have the other half  
> of your website already in production and authored with a totally  
> different method.
> The fastest way to fix this would be to have an external link to  
> XBean cwiki. Similar to what we have with GBuild. However this does  
> not address the integration issue.
> We add subprojects to an existing structure/process and these new  
> subprojects, I think, should adapt to the current procedures in place.
> What I do consider a *really bad practice* is a melange of methods  
> for authoring the web site. I consider XBean part of the Geronimo  
> site since it's URL is
> The xbean piece of the site does not match the template used for  
> the Geronimo site, it is similar but not the same. I think we are  
> projecting an inconsistent web site image.

Blah... each different part of the site has a slightly different look  
to it... I don't think this matters all that much right now.  While  
once we get all websites into Confluence, then I think it should be  
easy enough to get them all kinda looking the same.

> Bottom line, I think we should be consistent in the way we present  
> the web site and the way we maintain it.

Sure, and lets be consistent and use Confluence ;-)


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