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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Moving plugin-support bits out of Genesis into Mojo?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 01:22:39 GMT
Folks, I'm thinking about moving the plugin-support module out of  
Genesis and into the Mojo project.  A few plugins I maintain there  
already use some parts of this, but the classes were simply duplicated.

I'm also planning on updating the groovy-maven-plugin at the Mojo  
project to have the same features as the script-maven-plugin from  
Genesis, and that plugin uses a quite a bit of the support fluff in  
plugin-support.  I've talked to Jeff already about this and he seems  
fine with it.

Does anyone object to moving these bits to the Mojo project?  I'm  
actually working on this at the moment, but if there are objections I  
will stop and we can discus more if needed.


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