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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Moving plugin-support bits out of Genesis into Mojo?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 02:07:50 GMT
On Feb 24, 2007, at 5:54 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
> On 24 Feb 07, at 8:22 PM 24 Feb 07, Jason Dillon wrote:
>> Folks, I'm thinking about moving the plugin-support module out of  
>> Genesis and into the Mojo project.  A few plugins I maintain there  
>> already use some parts of this, but the classes were simply  
>> duplicated.
>> I'm also planning on updating the groovy-maven-plugin at the Mojo  
>> project to have the same features as the script-maven-plugin from  
>> Genesis, and that plugin uses a quite a bit of the support fluff  
>> in plugin-support.  I've talked to Jeff already about this and he  
>> seems fine with it.
> I would much rather see the Groovy stuff work the same way as the  
> Beanshell and Ruby mojos. What is the script-maven plugin exactly?  
> Some BSF thing?

The script-maven-plugin is really just an advanced groovy-maven- 
plugin which I whipped up to support getting better scripting into  
Maven, which we now use extensively in the TCK harness. 

I had planned on adding other scripting-related muck here, though  
turns out that Groovy was all I needed, so the name is legacy.  Its  
basically a much more configurable/flexible implementation of:

AFAIK, BSF-like execution isn't rich enough, unless I re-write the  
engine to allow customizing the classpath/scriptpath, etc... and even  
then I'm not sure it will cut it.

This is *not* for writing mojos, but for allowing groovy Scripts to  
be run inside of Maven.  The difference might be a bit subtle, but  
there are some times when you just need a tiny bit of scripting to  
solve a problem, and the work to create a Maven plugin, vote/stage/ 
release it so that it can be used is just not worth the trouble.

  * * *

I still have some of the work I did to make richer Groovy plexus  
components around too, which is to help make Mojo's with Groovy, but  
I have not had time to deal with merging my bits into the bits under  
Mojo's mojo-sandbox/groovy-maven-tools stuff.  This stuff is more  
along the lines of the Beanshell and Ruby mojo support stuff you are  
refering too... ie. writing Maven plugins with Groovy.  But the  
groovy-maven-plugin (script-maven-plugin in Genesis) are focuses not  
on building plugins, but allow projects to invoke small Groovy  
scripts (or bigger ones, as it the case with the Geronimo TCK harness).


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