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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Local module repos and SNAPSHOT artifacts
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 10:27:49 GMT
Folks, the local module repository thing is a massive hack, not meant  
to be used as much as we are using it... and really it should *not*  
have SNAPSHOT artifacts in it.

When using snaps in these local artifacts, strange artifact  
resolution failures are bound to occur when Maven decides its time to  
go update snaps (daily for us).  This causes problems when building a  
module which depends on another module which has a module local repo  
that contains snapshots, since the current module does not have  
access to the dependency's repo it will cause an artifact resolution  

I did not check _all_ of the module local repos that we have in  
server/trunk, but I know that at least in configs/jasper/repository  
there are myfaces 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT artifacts.  This is not really  
acceptable.  First, its bad enough that we have to have this repo  
here in the first place (the myfaces team should just publish snaps  
like all other projects) and second, these artifacts are SNAPSHOT  
which causes build problems as noted above.

*If you must* use a module local repo, then *do not* put SNAPSHOT  
artifacts in there... *if you must* then include the _timestamp- 
build_ artifacts and configure your pom to use them, so that  
dependent projects don't freak-out when mvn tries to update snaps.

  * * *

I'm still working out a simply/elegant way to solve this problem of  
remote repos and local repos, etc... but until I get that we need to  
becareful about how we use these local repos and which remote repos  
we include (I notice we still have a few legacy repos, which are a  
big no-no).

David Jencks mentioned in IRC today that it might be better if we  
just had one location where all of these module-local repos artifacts  
are kept.  IMO, the module-local repos suck... but having one sucks  
less than having more than one, so I'm inclined to agree this is a  
good idea for the short-term.  To make this work, we basically create  
another top-level module (peer to modules and configs, etc) say named  
"repository" (or whatever).  This module contains the single local- 
module repository in m2 format, which is only configured in that  
modules pom.  Then the pom lists all of the artifacts as dependencies  
which are in the repo to force them to get installed into Maven's  
local cache.

This module is added first, before all other children in the reactor,  
which will *hopefully* always get that module executed first, those  
deps installed and then other modules which depend on those custom  
bits will already have them resolved in the local maven cache.  It  
sucks... but it sucks-less IMO than handful of repos that we have now  
scattered through the project tree.

I'm still working on getting a better solution to the entire remote  
repo/repeatable build/blah, blah stuff... but until then I think this  
is a decent step to simplify things a tiny bit more and help reduce  
strange problems from popping up.

  * * *

Comments?  Unless there are any objections, I'll implement this in  
the next day or so... BUT, still need someone to deal with the  
myfaces 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT bits which really need to be fixed even if we  
leave the repos asis, or move to this one single short-term local repo.


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