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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Next 2.0 Milestones - Assemblies and Certification - Do we need 8?
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 14:37:58 GMT
I know everyone is working feverishly on 2.0 so I'll make this  
brief.  There are a few things that we need to discuss as the train  
keeps moving.

First, I'm working on DayTrader 2.0 this week to get the beast  
deployed on 2.0.  Basically the initial goal is to deploy what we had  
working for 1.2-beta and 2.0-M1 which I think will be a fair but not  
exhaustive test for the converter.

Next, regarding assemblies.  Right now we've been producing two  
assemblies which are the traditional Tomcat and Jetty assemblies with  
CXF as the web-services component and OpenJPA as the EJB persistence  
option.  I think we all agree that certifying 8 different assemblies  
is not workable as getting two done generally is a herculean task.   
That said, I think we want to make sure that projects that want to be  
part of a certified version have the option to make that happen.   
Since those that are doing the work tend to define what gets in and  
what ships it seems reasonable to me that the folks doing TCK can  
choose a configuration that they are interested in testing.  There  
are no limits to the number of people that can TCK a release so the  
sky is the limit.

For the JPA folks and WebServices folks I wanted to get a feel what  
your thoughts are on this topic.  Part of the discussion is how easy  
is it to include one component versus another and I'll be the first  
to admit I'm not really well versed with WebServices to have an  
opinion on integration options.  It seems that JPA is fairly simple  
in terms of plugging in a persistence provider and the user selecting  
the one they want.  Dain had mentioned on an earlier e-mail about  
having a similar plug point for WS and I don't think there was a lot  
of discussion at the time.  Given where we are at now what are folks  
thoughts on a plugin option for WebServices?

If there is a plugin option then I think the TCK discussion becomes  
simpler.  Anyway, for those more skilled in that art than I what are  
the community thoughts on how to address our expanding set of  
pluggable components?

I'd like to have the discussion in this thread and if we need to put  
a vote together to provide a direction we can do that later.



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