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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Moving plugin-support bits out of Genesis into Mojo?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 02:30:59 GMT
On Feb 24, 2007, at 6:18 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> AFAIK, BSF-like execution isn't rich enough, unless I re-write the  
>> engine to allow customizing the classpath/scriptpath, etc... and  
>> even then I'm not sure it will cut it.
> It's not. I'm not a fan of BSF and never used it in Plexus for  
> scripting.

I don't really care for it myself... though its handy in some cases  
when you want to expose user's a choice of language to eval a simple  
snippet of code.  But its far to limiting in how one can interact  
with the underlying scripting engine, and thus I don't really use it.

>> This is *not* for writing mojos, but for allowing groovy Scripts  
>> to be run inside of Maven.
> So like that Ant Run plugin essentially.


>> I still have some of the work I did to make richer Groovy plexus  
>> components around too, which is to help make Mojo's with Groovy,  
>> but I have not had time to deal with merging my bits into the bits  
>> under Mojo's mojo-sandbox/groovy-maven-tools stuff.
> You'll welcome to Plexus access if you want to push any groovy bits  
> into the sandbox if you've improved it. The Groovy Plexus is not  
> update-to-date and not quite up to snuff.

I will revisit my work and what exists there today and see if any of  
my changes would provide better support... its been, um... at least a  
year or more since I worked on my Groovy factory component for Plexus.

>> This stuff is more along the lines of the Beanshell and Ruby mojo  
>> support stuff you are refering too... ie. writing Maven plugins  
>> with Groovy.  But the groovy-maven-plugin (script-maven-plugin in  
>> Genesis) are focuses not on building plugins, but allow projects  
>> to invoke small Groovy scripts (or bigger ones, as it the case  
>> with the Geronimo TCK harness).
> Fair enough, but the plumbing could still all be the same I would  
> imagine.

Yes, they could share some of the same basic code, though... one big  
difference between this plugin (and the factory bits I did before)  
and the bits to use Groovy to build mojos that exists now is that the  
later compiles to Java code, where this plugin simply executes the  
script bodies using Groovy's API (ie. GroovyClassLoader, etc).

Anyways... I've become addicted to Groovy these days, so I plan to  
work on getting Groovy support in Maven settled down and polished.   
Part of that is moving the bits I have now out of Geronimo and into  

I'll ping you later about the Plexus Groovy stuff when I have some  
time to look into that more.  I do eventually want to get that  
working well enough so that I could stop writing plugins in Java ;-)   
Closures, antbuilder, gstrings and all those groovy-jdk methods are  
soooo helpful for mojo-like tasks ;-)



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