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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Additional 'inverse' classloader view in Geronimo Console
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 05:31:05 GMT
I was talking to Rakesh about adding additional classloader view to
the Geronimo Console and we are wondering if people have any
comments/thoughts about it. The current view show the tree starting
with the system classloader and ends with child classloaders. Example:

 - B
   - F
 - C
   - F

In this case, A is a parent to B and C classloaders. And B, C are
parent classloaders to F.

Now, because Geronimo supports multi parent classloaders sometimes
these child classloaders can appear in multiple places in the tree
(e.g. F). So I proposed kind of inverse view of the classloaders. For
example, for a given child classloader, I would like to see the parent
classloaders as child nodes of the tree. Given the example above the
tree would now look like:

 - A

 - A

 - B
 - C

Would other people find this useful? (I know I would :))


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