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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: CORBA ported from OpenEJB 2
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:55:47 GMT
David Blevins wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2007, at 7:08 AM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>> On Feb 23, 2007, at 5:06 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
>>>> To do that part just implement the ModuleBuilderExtension interface 
>>>> and you can hook into all phases of the EjbModuleBuilder.
>>> This is probably the part I have the most questions on.  Based on 
>>> what I see in the two extensions that Geronimo currently has, I 
>>> *think* the corba extension will need to do the following:
>>> 1)  In createModule(), handle merging of the default environments if 
>>> we have one.  Should this be unconditional, or should we make it 
>>> conditional on the presence of TSSLinks as in done in 1.2.
> Conditional on the presence of the TSSLink seems optimal.
>>> 2)  In addGBeans(), create the TSSLink GBeans as is currently done 
>>> in TSSLinkBuilder.  djencks and I couldn't figure out where we need 
>>> to look to find the TSSLink plan entries.  I'm guessing we retrieve 
>>> it from the Module somehow, but I'm not sure how or in what form it 
>>> will be in when retrieved.
> We just need to add that data to the geronimo-openejb.xml schema, 
> which is available at EjbModule.getVendorDD().  In the v2 plan I see 
> that we have two different elements, tss and tss-link.  
I'm about 99.9999% certain that tss was a very old element type that was 
never deleted from the schema.  The only one I'm aware is still getting 
used is the tss-link, so that should be the only thing that needs to be 
added.  The tss-link element is used to hook an ejb instance to the 
appropriate POA to export this as a CORBA object.  My experience with 
schema is pretty limited (i.e., approaching zero), so any assistance in 
that phase would be greatly appreciated. 

> What's the difference between those two?  If I can get a better 
> understanding I can be a better help on the "how" part of adding them 
> to the geronimo-openejb.xml.  Once we have a place for the data, we'd 
> just update the conversion tool to port it over from the v2 plans and 
> you're good to go.
>>> Also a couple of side questions.
>>> 1)  There are two different signatures for createModule(), but I 
>>> notice that the other extensions only override one of them.  When 
>>> are they called and what needs to be done here?
> Go with the one method the other extensions override. They're called 
> at the very end of each of the matching phases in the ModuleBuilder 
> interface.  As far as what needs to be done, you don't need to do 
> anything if you don't want to.  They're just hooks there for you to 
> have nearly-equal opportunity to do participate in all phases of the 
> deployment process.  I say nearly as there are things you can't do 
> like determine the module type or create it in createModule as the 
> primary builder can, etc.
>>> 2)  I notice that both of these pass a plan argument, in different 
>>> forms (one File, one Object).  Is it the responsibility of the 
>>> createModule() method to examine the plan and add any relevant 
>>> information to the module shared context?  Is that how we get the 
>>> TSSLink information we'll need in addGBeans()?
> You'd get it from the EjbModule.getVendorDD() when we add that info as 
> described above.  But generally, it is possible to put data in the 
> plan intended only for the builder extension which is something we may 
> want to do someday though not really required for this.  The passing 
> of the raw plan is more a "for future use" kind of thing so that we 
> could someday do as described and have data passed to the builder 
> extension in the plan without having to update the primary builder to 
> handle it -- though it would have to know not to handle it.
>>> 3)  What form is the plan Object passed to the second createModule() 
>>> signature?
> It's usually an XMLBeans XmlObject.  Most likely one for a v2 
> openejb-jar.  These are already converted into the geronimo-openejb 
> plan and available at builder extension createModule time via 
> EjbModule.getVendorDD().  As stated, we just need a spot in the 
> geronimo-openejb.xml to put the converted data.
> Hope this helps.
> -David

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