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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] February Code drop (M3?)
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 22:53:44 GMT
M3 sounds better to me than Beta-1.
I also like the idea of release early release, let's keep up the drum beat from the prev milestones
releasing once a month.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> We're getting to the end of February so its time to discuss what will 
> drop and what we call it.  On the original set of goals this next drop 
> would be beta-1 but based on recent e-mail discussions as well as IRC 
> and some experimentation I think the soup needs a few more items before 
> we turn the flame to simmer.  That said, I think that translates the 
> February drop to be M3 rather than beta-1.
> We've improved deployment, made a lot of plumbing changes, etc so I'll 
> solicit people's input for the highlights of this next Milestone (and if 
> we al concur this is the right designation).  If we're all tracking on 
> this then I'd plan to follow the previous plan of branching at around 
> 1700 next Wednesday (ET) of course not disrupting trunk and the progress 
> that is being made.  This would mean that we are settling into a monthly 
> release in tune with release early and often (even if its not soup yet ;-)
> BEA recently announced that they have a developer release of WebLogic 
> that has passed CTS so we're not alone out there in the world.  I have 
> to admit it feels pretty good to be on the forming wave rather than 
> paddling to catch one that has already left.
> As far as assemblies are concerned I recommend using the same assemblies 
> we did for last month as I don't think Axis or Cayenne are really 
> integrated enough yet for people to try out.  correct me if my 
> understanding is not correct.
> Comments, and feedback welcome.
> Thanks
> Matt

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