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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: 3rd consecutive day with build breaks!
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 16:57:29 GMT
Well said ;-)  Fresh, full builds on clean local repos should do most of the trick. 
We need to keep an eye on the OS too.


Sachin Patel wrote:
> So we've had alot of recent build breaks, IIRC, this is the third day in 
> a row.  In most cases, these breaks are caused by something that got 
> overlooked, either forgetting to check in files, publishing snapshots, 
> etc..  Though these issues are small, they tend to cause disruption and 
> block day to day progression.  These break-ages can be easily avoided 
> with people being more careful and taking necessary steps to prevent this.
> (1) If there are changes to external dependencies, make sure these 
> dependencies are published prior to commiting.  Many of us are 
> committers in other projects and the tendency is to rely on locally 
> built snapshots of those rather then published snapshots.
> (2) Make sure you're committing all necessary files if new files are 
> introduced.  To ensure this, if that means doing a new checkout and 
> build of the tree to ensure that nothing got missed, then this would be 
> good habit :)
> (3) Always try to do a full build.  I know sometimes is easy to think, 
> hey this is a one line change, it won't break anything, but I think its 
> better to take these types of protective measures.  I think taking an 
> additional 15-20 minutes by each of us to first build is well worth the 
> time to avoid the hours it can take to resolve the simplest of build breaks.
> (4) Periodically everyone should run builds with clean repositories so 
> we can catch any overlooked dependency issues early.
> Is there anything else that we can do to minimize breakage's?
> Thanks.
> -sachin

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