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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 1.2 for Geronimo 2.0?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 17:01:11 GMT
I agree with the goal and it sounds like things are nearly there ... so 
I think it makes sense to stick with MyFaces.  I appreciate your work on 
this and their willingness to help us out too.  Hopefully we will have a 
MyFaces release soon.  Is there are target date they are working toward? 
  Should we have a date in mind where we might consider alternatives if 
we don't have what is needed?


Tim McConnell wrote:
> Hi Joe, the latest status I've received from their devlist is that they 
> are very close to running the TCK on their JSF 1.2 implementation.... 
> There are some stumbling blocks though, but I think we should give them 
> the benefit of the doubt and continue to work with them and continue to 
> assume that MyFaces is what we'll use in Geronimo. I'd rather not choose 
> another alternative until we are absolutely positive that MyFaces is not 
> going to deliver.
> Joe Bohn wrote:
>> I've seen several comments in the release notes and on the user list 
>> about MyFaces 1.2 not yet being functional in Geronimo 2.0.  Does 
>> anybody know if this will be functional soon and more specifically, if 
>> it will be functional in time for our 2.0 beta?
>> Should we maybe be looking for an alternative for 2.0 (possibly 
>> glassfish)?
>> Joe

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