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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: Extension to install custom proxy muck in Maven?
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 14:05:09 GMT
Did you intend for this to go to the geronimo or maven list?


On Feb 23, 2007, at 4:47 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> Is it possible to install a Maven extension which can configure  
> Maven's proxy handling?
> I'm wondering if with little work, that it might be possible to  
> create some kinda of plugin to Maven, which would embed a simply  
> proxy server (kinda like DSMP) directly into Maven, and then  
> configure Maven to use that server as a proxy.
> I really need a way to control what repos our projects use, and  
> since we use artifacts which list other repos, there is no easy way  
> (that I know of) to limit this behavior except for configuring a  
> proxy and putting the controls in the proxy process.
> The problem with this technique is that it...
> a) requires users' to configure maven to use the proxy
> b) requires users to start a proxy process and/or point at a remote  
> server, in which case you need a remote server and bandwidth to  
> effectively use.
> Both of these end up becoming blockers to actually making this a  
> reality.  But, Maven is a Plexus application, and its easy enough  
> to write a Plexus component which implements this proxy, so why not  
> have the one Maven process boot up the proxy, and then configure  
> Maven to use that proxy?  This seems to me the best way, short of  
> major changes to Maven, to get real concrete control over how Maven  
> uses remote repositories.
> For the case at hand, what I really want is to, no matter what  
> repos are configured (by the project or by dependencies of the  
> project), only grab artifacts from one repository... and to help  
> populate/maintain that repository, flip a switch on the proxy  
> component to all it to pass-through to all configure urls for  
> artifacts.
> There are a few other use cases I can think of... I'd like to  
> install a listener into the proxy component which will simply  
> catalog all artifact requests and at the end of a build simply dump  
> a list of all artifacts which were used.  Another, is that for some  
> automated builds, I need to keep the "cache" of artifacts separate  
> from the set of artifacts which are actually used by a project.   
> This isn't' really possible now, but with a proxy layer, I can  
> easily separate cached artifacts from artifacts used in a project.
>  * * *
> Anyways... I really think that having this extra proxy component in  
> the Maven process would be a massive help to solve some of the more  
> complicated repository issues which we (Geronimo) are facing with  
> using Maven.  I think that if I could get a proxy component into  
> the Maven bootstrap, and provide some ability for the project to  
> configure it, that it would really help improve the quality of our  
> builds with Maven.
> I also don't think its that difficult to implement... the major  
> issue is... how does one install such a bootstrap component into  
> Maven?  Is it possible?  Or does one need to provide a separate  
> assembly with extra libs and extra components.xml or something  
> along those lines?
> --jason

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