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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] VOTE J2G Conversion tool acceptance
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:47:45 GMT
So, we voted this monster in and accepted the code base.   At this  
point, per Geir's note in this thread Noted below:

 > Here's the process :
 > 1) Contributor offers code      *Complete*
 > 2) Project decides to accept or reject code.  Formally, this is  
the PMC, but everyone should chime in.   *Complete* per vote below
 > 3) Contributor provides CCLA
*Complete* CCLA located in JIRA

 >     Cleans up code to remove copyright statements
*Outstanding* Need a volunteer here.  I think ideally the contributor  
would accomplish this step and post an updated file in the JIRA with  
this work completed.

 >     And puts the standard apache file header in place.
*Outstanding* Really same as above.  Needs to have a committer review  
this so need a new volunteer here.

 > 4) Project accepts code contribution and registers the code  
contribution w/ the incubator with an ip_clearance form :  http://
*Outstanding*  We've already accepted the code through this vote.   
This is the mechanics of getting the code into Apache.  I think the  
committer noted above should do this as well.

At this point I think Filip would take care of the Copyrights and  
someone on the project (volunteers needed) would take care of the  
final clearance and commit.

For its placement in Geronimo I would think sandbox is the right  
place for this to start with.

Thoughts, volunteers ?

> On Feb 2, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
>> Here is the result:
>> +1;
>> Jeff Genender
>> Paul McMahan
>> Kevan Miller
>> Prasad Kashyap
>> Hernan Cunico
>> Dain Sundstrom
>> David Jencks
>> Cris Cardona
>> Aaron Mulder
>> David Blevins
>> Anita Kulshreshtha
>> Gianny Damour
>> Rick McGuire
>> Matt Hogstrom
>> Sachin Patel
>> Vamsi Reddy
>> No 0's and no -1's.
>> We will start filling out the IP clearance form, and attach it to  
>> the JIRA item along with the updated codebase.
>> We will use this template
>> Once this has been done, we will bring the JIRA to the attention  
>> of the G committers for review.
>> Filip

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