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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Eclipse Tooling for Geronimo 2.0
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:30:25 GMT
Sounds great Sachin.  When you have something ready for us to look at
I'll grab the latest WTP and try things out.

Best wishes,

On 2/19/07, Sachin Patel <> wrote:
> So I think now is a good time as any to bring up discussion around our
> Eclipse Tooling delivery for Geronimo 2.0.  It would be great if we can
> provide a tooling driver for this milestone unlike last so that we can
> provide our users and end to end solution.  The last time I tried to work on
> a driver I was blocked by a critical Eclipse defect, which has now been
> delivered to a stable milestone driver so I should be able to pick up work
> back up on this again.  I'm going to start by just getting a driver out that
> uses WTP 2.0 and adds Geronimo 2.0 as a runtime and server.  I'm not going
> to focus on any of the editor support for the Geronimo 2.0 schemas yet.
> Last time I chose EMF as the underlying modeling framework for our
> deployment plans, but this time for simplicity purposes I think we should
> consider to just pull in an use the XML Beans generated code as-is.
> I'm not at all familiar with what has changed in WTP or its EE5
> capabilities.  So once I have provide this driver, it would be great if we
> people could pick it up and run with it to see what additional features from
> an EE side of things are needed.  WTP is still under development and I'm
> sure then more than willing to squeeze in requirements from our community.
> -sachin

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