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From Olinga K. Abbott<>
Subject Geronimo has been listed on Count From Zero
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 10:11:40 GMT

Your software, Geronimo, has been selected for inclusion in Count From Zero (CFZ,
CFZ indexes libraries and tools for software engineers. You will find the data CFZ publishes
for Geronimo at This data includes
version: 2.0-M2
date: 2007-01-30
If someone else could respond better to this message please forward it to them and/or let
me know.

CFZ supports hierarchical categorization and multiple categories per software package. For
example, if a user wants software for
	part-of-speech tagging
they can find it under
	artificial intelligence: natural language processing: part-of-speech tagging
and a package listed there might also be found under
	artificial intelligence: natural language processing: shallow parsers
if applicable.

Please examine the page at and reply to this
message with
* corrections, such as new versions, improper categorization, or additional categories.
* a summary description (two lines)
* a full description (any length)
* software Geronimo depends on
* your real name if you feel comfortable providing it. CFZ requires your permission to release
your name or email address unless under legal obligation.

CFZ is beta-stage and possesses many rough edges but I hope it will already prove beneficial
to you and your users.


Olinga K. Abbott

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