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From "Dominique Labar" <>
Subject running Geronimo on Zos, Q? related to performance (native threads)
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2007 17:06:41 GMT
I run Geronimo 1.1.1 on a IBM zOS mainframe using the JZOS umbrella and the
Java jsdk 1.5 from its USS environment. The project is a SOA on the top of a
JCA 1.5 technology connector to access (via JNI zOS inter-process over
tcp/ip) a wel known CM product on this platform . In comparison with the
distributed version of this project developed on the Windows platform, the
mainframe instance behaves relatively slow and does not take advantage of
the huge amount of mips of this blue machine! Before diving into the
profiling effort, I do have a suspicion about the zOS proprietary JVM and
mainly about its native thread support. This item is not very popular on the
web, Google Search is not verbose. My questions to the geronimo folk are:
have you information from zOS or a confirmation of potential troubles when
running with a JVM without OS threads capability or any good idea to figure
out which piece of code should slow down.



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