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From "Dominique Labar" <>
Subject Re: JAC 1.5 do the spec allow to supersede the Pooling support of the system connectionManager?
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2007 16:49:11 GMT
Thanks for your input.

I act the fact that this requirement is not addressed by the JCA 1.5 Spec.
Definitely the portability is my main concern, so I will explore if others
(J2EE engines) offer a solution and will keep you informed about my
discoveries. (my focus was the outgoing flavor).


2007/2/3, David Jencks <>:
> On Feb 3, 2007, at 1:54 AM, Dominique Labar wrote:
> > Q? related to the JCA 1.5 - Gbean
> > Do the JCA 1.5 specifications allow to supersede the default (or by
> > geronimo-ra.xml defined) connection pool by a private one?
> > in another words, how to make a private PoolingSupport class
> > accessible by the (Geronimo) connector module?
> > For example, to implement requirements of a calendar based
> > resources allocation, or regulated by private policies?
> Something like this was available in geronimo 1.0 but was disabled in
> 1.1 and following versions.  It would be fairly easy to re-enable it
> in 2.0, but it would be completely untested (except by you :-)
> The way this would work is that you would write a gbean to replace
> GenericConnectionManager, include an instance of it in your geronimo-
> ra plan, and refer to it in the connectiondefinition-instance element
> instead of including the geronimo specific connection manager
> configuration.
> Since a connection manager does a lot of work that is rather tricky
> and the pool is only a small part of that I would very strongly
> recommend that your connection manager gbean subclass
> AbstractConnectionManager and basically change the
> GenericConnectionManager.InterceptorsImpl class to set up an
> interceptor stack that includes your pool instead of the geronimo
> pool.  Currently this is done in this (line 89 of the 1.2 branch):
>             stack = pooling.addPoolingInterceptors(stack);
> Another approach might be to modify the xml and
> GenericConnectionManager to allow specifying the
> AbstractSinglePoolConnectionInterceptor subclass that you want to
> use.  This might end up being a lot easier to configure substitute
> pools for but would require a bit more change in geronimo code and I
> probably wouldn't have time to implement it before 2.0.  I might be
> able to apply a patch.
> Anyway to answer your specific question, according to the jca specs
> the connection manager (which the pooling is part of) is part of the
> application server and the spec does not say anything about
> configuring, modifying, or replacing it: any such facilities are
> completely app-server-specific and non-portable.  The spec only talks
> about the interactions of the connection manager and the ra-provided
> classes.
> thanks
> david jencks
> > Thanks
> > Dom.
> >

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