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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: JAC 1.5 do the spec allow to supersede the Pooling support of the system connectionManager?
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2007 17:43:23 GMT

On Feb 3, 2007, at 1:54 AM, Dominique Labar wrote:

> Q? related to the JCA 1.5 - Gbean
> Do the JCA 1.5 specifications allow to supersede the default (or by  
> geronimo-ra.xml defined) connection pool by a private one?
> in another words, how to make a private PoolingSupport class  
> accessible by the (Geronimo) connector module?
> For example, to implement requirements of a calendar based  
> resources allocation, or regulated by private policies?

Something like this was available in geronimo 1.0 but was disabled in  
1.1 and following versions.  It would be fairly easy to re-enable it  
in 2.0, but it would be completely untested (except by you :-)

The way this would work is that you would write a gbean to replace  
GenericConnectionManager, include an instance of it in your geronimo- 
ra plan, and refer to it in the connectiondefinition-instance element  
instead of including the geronimo specific connection manager  

Since a connection manager does a lot of work that is rather tricky  
and the pool is only a small part of that I would very strongly  
recommend that your connection manager gbean subclass  
AbstractConnectionManager and basically change the  
GenericConnectionManager.InterceptorsImpl class to set up an  
interceptor stack that includes your pool instead of the geronimo  
pool.  Currently this is done in this (line 89 of the 1.2 branch):

             stack = pooling.addPoolingInterceptors(stack);

Another approach might be to modify the xml and  
GenericConnectionManager to allow specifying the  
AbstractSinglePoolConnectionInterceptor subclass that you want to  
use.  This might end up being a lot easier to configure substitute  
pools for but would require a bit more change in geronimo code and I  
probably wouldn't have time to implement it before 2.0.  I might be  
able to apply a patch.

Anyway to answer your specific question, according to the jca specs  
the connection manager (which the pooling is part of) is part of the  
application server and the spec does not say anything about  
configuring, modifying, or replacing it: any such facilities are  
completely app-server-specific and non-portable.  The spec only talks  
about the interactions of the connection manager and the ra-provided  

david jencks

> Thanks
> Dom.

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