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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r497213 - /geronimo/server/trunk/assemblies/pom.xml
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 04:52:13 GMT
On Jan 17, 2007, at 7:15 PM, Donald Woods wrote:
> I'm afraid this is going to open a bag of worms....
> There are a group of people only interested in Jetty, but another  
> only interested in Tomcat (like myself).  What happens when we come  
> to the decision of cxf vs. axis2?  Do we create 8 different profile  
> options to build only the assembly you want?

Personally... I don't really care if its Jetty or Tomcat... CXF or  
Axis2... OpenJPA or Cayenne.  What I do care about is having one  
server which everyone is working off of, adding features to and  
fixing bugs on.  I think we are asking for huge troubles by  
supporting all of these configuration permutations.  Its bad enough  
with just the Jetty and Tomcat flavors that we have today.  These 2  
assemblies already behave slightly differently :-(

Anyways, it takes about 6 minutes on a good day to rebuild all of the  
assemblies, which will spin for ~2 minutes building the other javaee  
assembly and about another 2 minutes building the framework and  
minimal assemblies.

If/when we have to support 8 javaee assemblies, then that will be ~14  
minutes waiting for the javaee assemblies which are not going to be  
used to build.  I'm not even counting the time to build configs for  
each of these variations, but chances are that will also  
significantly increase the time to build the project.

I believe we need to do something about this now, so that it does not  
start to take a few hours to build the server.

I really would like to see the community pick *one* implementation of  
a component, and all other components are not included by default.   
Perhaps my opinion on this might change if we did not need to add so  
much build support to integrate these components, but right now the  
build spends way too much time building configs and install configs  
to configure an assembly with a specific set of components.  If it  
was simply copying a jar and and xml file into a single server  
assembly, then I think it might be feasible to support all of these  
configurations, but right now that is not how it works.

>   How do we ensure that Tomcat only developers don't break the  
> builds for Jetty only developers, unless we always build all of the  
> assemblies???

Even if the assemblies are enabled to build that does not ensure that  
the result will actually be functional.  Tomcat-only developers could  
easily change something which could cause a Jetty server to break,  
that may not be caught during the build.

  * * *

All of these component combinations are gonna kill us...


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