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From David Blevins <>
Subject EJB 3 integration status
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 14:00:22 GMT
Ok, so Dain and I have worked all through the night again to try and  
kill the last issues we've seen with the integration.  We added a few  
more tests and such the itests and have hammered away till things  
worked.  We had to do some ad-hoc surgery in the naming code and more  
that will have to be merged back to the M2 branch, but the result is  
a lot more is working.

These have all been tested as working as of this morning:

  - ejb-jar.xml free deploy (this had issues actually and did not  
work as previously reported)
  - openejb-jar free deploy
  - Deployment of annotated beans (@Stateful and @Stateless)
  - Business interfaces both local and remote
  - Legacy component (i.e. home) interfaces on a Pojo session bean
  - xml-based *and* annotation-based injection for ejbs, except for  
message-destinations, or SessionContext when the field or setter is  
not named setSessionContext
  - references to business interfaces, local or remote, from a  
servlet or an ejb
  - references to home interfaces, local or remote, from a servlet or  
an ejb

The following components are tested in the itests:
  - Stateful session beans
  - Stateless session beans
  - BMP Entity beans
  - CMP1 Entity beans (basic tests)
  - CMP2 Entity beans (basic tests)

The following components are *not* tested in the itests:
  - Message-Driven Beans

Dain may have a better idea of which CMP2 features are lacking.  I'll  
let him go into detail about that.

The issue with injection of SessionContext I hope to clear up in the  
morning.  We also still really hope to at least put in a hole in the  
ejb module builder that would allow people to install an v2 openejb- 
jar.xml to geronimo-openejb.xml converter. (cross your fingers).


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