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From "Shiva Kumar H R" <>
Subject Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in: What next? A wizard to auto generate Geronimo deployment plans by scanning the corresponding Java-EE plans/annotations
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:00:14 GMT
Hi all,
Geronimo Eclipse plug-in now has a full fledged Editor for editing "
geronimo-web.xml". User interface for the following schemas has been

Request you to review and commit the consolidated patch available in and if possible
please put a binary in so that people can
start using it and report any problems they face.

So what next?
Here is what I can think of next. Please add to this list any features that
you think would simply developing Java EE apps on Geronimo.

1) Wizard for auto generating Geronimo deployment plan by scanning the
corresponding Java-EE plan/annotation:
Say for WARs, this could be achieved by scanning web.xml (in case of J2EE
1.4) or corresponding annotations (in case of Java EE 5) and then running
the user through a Wizard where he can specify the missing data.

Is GERONIMODEVTOOLS-112 (Loading deployment plan editor on empty file should
auto-create plan) addressing the same?

2) Editing of other deployment plans:
Full fledged Editors for editing of
i) openejb-jar.xml (EJB JAR),
ii) geronimo-ra.xml (J2EE Connector),
iii) geronimo-application-client.xml (Client Application) &
iv) geronimo-application.xml (Enterprise Application)

3) Extensive user help in various Wizards during create/edit of Geronimo
deployment plans
User help ((like instructions and snippets of xml-elements that will be
generated) to be added in each of the wizards. This help text could be
integrated into the corrersponding schemas in <xs:documentation> elements
and then extracted from within Wizards to generate user help.

I remember some discussions on the dev-list about documenting Geronimo
xml-schemas. Please reply if someone is working on it.


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