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From "Christopher M. Cardona" <>
Subject Help with JSR 77 Performance Monitoring Implementation
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 03:06:16 GMT
I’m currently looking on how to implement JSR 77 Stats interfaces 
(GERONIMO-2517) and I've created a wiki page to keep track of the 

This page lists the Stats interface required by each managed object type 
including the methods to be implemented. The ‘Implementing Class’ column 
is the specific Class that would implement the corresponding Stats 
interface and this is where I need some input from you guys. 
Implementing these interfaces might involve source modification of other 
projects that Geronimo uses (e.g. Openejb, ActiveMQ, Jetty, Tomcat, 
etc.) and it would really help if domain experts on these projects 
provide suggestions and info on how and where to implement the said 
interfaces. It would also help to bring up possible issues when 
implementing the said interfaces. Please feel free to modify the wiki 
page for corrections or additions.

Here’s a list of Stats interfaces that we can implement and support in 

1. EJBStats
2. SessionBeanStats
3. StatelessSessionBeanStats
4. StatefulSessionBeanStats
5. MessageDrivenBeanStats**
6. EntityBeanStats
7. ServletStats
8. JCAStats
9. JCAConnectionStats
10. JCAConnectionPoolStats
11. JTAStats
12. JDBCStats
13. JDBCConnectionStats
14. JDBCConnectionPoolStats
15. JMSStats
16. JMSConnectionStats
17. JMSSessionStats
18. JMSEndpointStats
19. JMSProducerStats
20. JMSConsumerStats
21. JavaMailStats
22. URLStats
23. JVMStats (Already implemented)


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