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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Release Notes for 2.0-M2 - EJB content
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 19:03:23 GMT
I'm helping Hernan update the Release Notes for 2.0-M2.

Can folks please provide feedback for the EJB Content that gets 
documented in the Release Notes.

Here is the current content..

- EJB 3.0 (via OpenEJB project)
       - JPA (Custom Provider, App-managed, Container-managed) (Also 
supported in 2.0-M1)
       - POJO as a Business Interface (both local and remote)
       - POJO Session EJBs
       - Deployment with no ejb-jar.xml or openejb-jar (just need a 
geronimo-openejb.xml for all the geronimo-specific deployment stuff)
       - Deployment of annotated beans (@Stateful and @Stateless)
       - Injection via deployment descriptor
        - @Resource injection for env-entries, resource-refs, 
message-destinations, service-refs,  most resource-env-refs
        - @EJB injection of ejb-refs and ejb-local-refs
        - @PersistenceContext injection
        - @PersistenceUnit injection
       - JNDI references to the ejb
       - JNDI references from the ejb
       - Transaction support
       - Legacy component (i.e. home) interfaces on a Pojo session bean
       - Xml-based *and* annotation-based injection for ejbs, except for 
         or SessionContext when the field or setter is not named 
       - References to business interfaces, local or remote, from a 
servlet or an ejb
       - References to home interfaces, local or remote, from a servlet 
or an ejb

       - Extended JNDI and DI types
       - Undeploying an ejb module will not remove it's beans. The 
server has to be restarted to deploy the same module again.


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