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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Where should we put Samples and Plug-ins?
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 20:33:55 GMT
As part of the discussion on G2728 relating to the Directory server and 
LDAP-Demo sample -
I'm wondering how others would like to see us handle optional server 
components for 2.0, as we currently have some samples and plug-ins in 
geronimo/server/trunk/, but others are under geronimo/samples/trunk and 

Should we:
1) Move them out of geronimo/server/trunk and
    - move all sample apps (like Magicgball, ldap-demo, ...) to the 
existing geronimo/samples/trunk and have them automatically built and 
published by gbuild
    - move all optional and non-Geronimo plugins (like ApacheDS) to the 
existing geronimo/plugins/trunk and have then built and published by gbuild

2) Keep all the samples and plug-ins in the server tree, but under a new 
directory like server/trunk/samples or server/trunk/opt and use a maven 
profile so they are not always built, but always build and publish them 
from gbuild

I could also see us moving the minimal assemblies to the same location 
as #2, for those people interested in them....



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