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From Lasantha Ranaweera <>
Subject Re: Axis2 Integration - Replace RPCMessageReciever with JAXWSMessageReciever
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 11:17:23 GMT
Hi Lin,

Thanks for reviewing the patch. Please read my in line comments.


Lin Sun wrote:
> Hi Lasantha,
> Thanks for submitting the patch!  Your patch (java portion) looks look to
> me.  I don't quite understand the pom.xml portion of the patch as to why the
> changes are needed.   Was this related to some class loading issues you
> mentioned to me in another note?
Yes I had so many class linkage problems with our previous model when I 
was doing some changes in the source code and was trying to follow the 
same structure of CXF.
>    Also, my guess is that you don't have
> G2746-new patch yet which I removed the hardcoded version to use
> dependencymanagement.   I'd appreciate if you could apply that onto your
> machine to make the applying patch process easier.
Sure, I will do it. It would be fine if somebody in the list with 
committer rights will apply in to the trunk if it is correct.
> I noticed the following aren't working yet and I'll work on them while you
> work on Axis2ServiceRefBuilder.
> 1) haven't able to get first test of jaxws-test running (post a soap request
> and get a soap response).   Did that work for you?   ?wsdl works fine.   
Yes you are correct here and I have missed the soap response test and it 
is not working correctly either :-\ . I will correct it and create a new 
patch soon.
> 2) we had two servlet-mappings & used an asterisk in the jax-ws test app for
> axis2.  This seems invalid per the spec.
> I have been reading JSR 109 rev 1.2 lately and I saw the following in page
> 61 (sec 7.1.2) where it says:
> --//--
> Servlet Mapping. A developer may optionally specify a servlet-mapping, in
> the web.xml deployment descriptor, for a JAX-RPC or JAX-WS Service Endpoint.
> No more than one servlet-mapping may be specified for a servlet that is
> linked to by a port-component.
> The url-pattern of the servlet-mapping must be an exact match pattern (i.e.
> it must not contain an asterisk (“*”)).
> --//--
> I am also interested in handling cases where wsdl files aren't there and
> users are using web services annotation.  Currently the code just throws a
> warning or exception.
Please go ahead since I am not going to touch that part pretty soon. My 
plan is to finish the JAXWS stuff with XML file and moving in to the 
RefBuilder ASAP.
> Please keep me posted on what you are working on.  Thanks.
> Lin
> ________________________________________
> From: Lasantha Ranaweera [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 6:13 AM
> To:
> Subject: Axis2 Integration - Replace RPCMessageReciever with
> JAXWSMessageReciever
> Hi,
> Initial patch for the replacing RPCMessageReciever with JAXWSMessageReciever
> is submitted under GERONIMO-2776.  Had to change some of the coding to
> handle ?wsdl request correctly in the newer version. 
> Thanks,
> Lasantha Ranaweera

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