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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r497213 - /geronimo/server/trunk/assemblies/pom.xml
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 20:07:26 GMT
Yep, maybe making everything a plug-in will save the day and move it to 
being an install time problem... :-)


Jason Dillon wrote:
> On Jan 17, 2007, at 7:15 PM, Donald Woods wrote:
>> I'm afraid this is going to open a bag of worms....
>> There are a group of people only interested in Jetty, but another only 
>> interested in Tomcat (like myself).  What happens when we come to the 
>> decision of cxf vs. axis2?  Do we create 8 different profile options 
>> to build only the assembly you want?
> Personally... I don't really care if its Jetty or Tomcat... CXF or 
> Axis2... OpenJPA or Cayenne.  What I do care about is having one server 
> which everyone is working off of, adding features to and fixing bugs 
> on.  I think we are asking for huge troubles by supporting all of these 
> configuration permutations.  Its bad enough with just the Jetty and 
> Tomcat flavors that we have today.  These 2 assemblies already behave 
> slightly differently :-(
> Anyways, it takes about 6 minutes on a good day to rebuild all of the 
> assemblies, which will spin for ~2 minutes building the other javaee 
> assembly and about another 2 minutes building the framework and minimal 
> assemblies.
> If/when we have to support 8 javaee assemblies, then that will be ~14 
> minutes waiting for the javaee assemblies which are not going to be used 
> to build.  I'm not even counting the time to build configs for each of 
> these variations, but chances are that will also significantly increase 
> the time to build the project.
> I believe we need to do something about this now, so that it does not 
> start to take a few hours to build the server.
> I really would like to see the community pick *one* implementation of a 
> component, and all other components are not included by default.  
> Perhaps my opinion on this might change if we did not need to add so 
> much build support to integrate these components, but right now the 
> build spends way too much time building configs and install configs to 
> configure an assembly with a specific set of components.  If it was 
> simply copying a jar and and xml file into a single server assembly, 
> then I think it might be feasible to support all of these 
> configurations, but right now that is not how it works.
>>   How do we ensure that Tomcat only developers don't break the builds 
>> for Jetty only developers, unless we always build all of the assemblies???
> Even if the assemblies are enabled to build that does not ensure that 
> the result will actually be functional.  Tomcat-only developers could 
> easily change something which could cause a Jetty server to break, that 
> may not be caught during the build.
>  * * *
> All of these component combinations are gonna kill us...
> :-(
> --jason

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