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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject RE: Axis2 Integration - Replace RPCMessageReciever with JAXWSMessageReciever
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 21:37:39 GMT
Hi Lasantha,

Thanks for submitting the patch!  Your patch (java portion) looks look to
me.  I don't quite understand the pom.xml portion of the patch as to why the
changes are needed.   Was this related to some class loading issues you
mentioned to me in another note?   Also, my guess is that you don't have
G2746-new patch yet which I removed the hardcoded version to use
dependencymanagement.   I'd appreciate if you could apply that onto your
machine to make the applying patch process easier.

I noticed the following aren't working yet and I'll work on them while you
work on Axis2ServiceRefBuilder.

1) haven't able to get first test of jaxws-test running (post a soap request
and get a soap response).   Did that work for you?   ?wsdl works fine.   

2) we had two servlet-mappings & used an asterisk in the jax-ws test app for
axis2.  This seems invalid per the spec.

I have been reading JSR 109 rev 1.2 lately and I saw the following in page
61 (sec 7.1.2) where it says:
Servlet Mapping. A developer may optionally specify a servlet-mapping, in
the web.xml deployment descriptor, for a JAX-RPC or JAX-WS Service Endpoint.
No more than one servlet-mapping may be specified for a servlet that is
linked to by a port-component.
The url-pattern of the servlet-mapping must be an exact match pattern (i.e.
it must not contain an asterisk (“*”)).

I am also interested in handling cases where wsdl files aren't there and
users are using web services annotation.  Currently the code just throws a
warning or exception.

Please keep me posted on what you are working on.  Thanks.


From: Lasantha Ranaweera [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 6:13 AM
Subject: Axis2 Integration - Replace RPCMessageReciever with


Initial patch for the replacing RPCMessageReciever with JAXWSMessageReciever
is submitted under GERONIMO-2776.  Had to change some of the coding to
handle ?wsdl request correctly in the newer version. 

Lasantha Ranaweera

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