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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: Testsuite and JSF
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:07:07 GMT
Hi Tim,

Here's the documentation

As for examples, every testsuite there is a different example.

* The enterprise-testsuite/test-ejbcontainer provides an example of
deploying an ejb jar that is built elsewhere (openejb/itests). The
tests are also built elsewhere (openejb/itests) but they are simple
run here.

* The enterprise-testsuite/test-jms  provides an example of deploying
an app thats built elsewhere (in testsupport). It builds the tests
here and runs them.

* The deployment-testsuite/manifestcp provides an example of an app
that is built here. The deployment-testsuite/test-manifestcp deploys
and tests it here. This, IMO, is not advisable since the app builds

You must plan on throwing your JSF tests into the web-testsuite.

Hope that helps.


On 12/12/06, Tim McConnell <> wrote:
> Hi Prasad, I'd like to incorporate a significant number of JSF tests into the testsuite
> for the 2.0-M2 time frame since the MyFaces 1.2 API's will be much more  functional by
> then. Can you provide some simple examples and/or documentation to get me started (i.e.,
> Testsuite for Dummies). Thanks much
> Tim

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