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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Convention on dropping tests under the test framework
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 04:31:13 GMT
Since there were some questions today on where to drop new tests, I'll
take a stab at creating a convention. Feel free to offer your
suggestions so that we can modify it as we go along.

We  began by having 2 testsuites just as an example.

But almost everything can fall under the category of the
deployment-testsuite since most tests do need some deployable
artifact. So I think we should use the deployment-testsuite purely for
testing the deploy tool. Especially, it should be used to test
features like hot-deploy, redeploy and undeploy which have had JIRAs

We should categorize the tests so that they reflect the broad
functional areas of the server.

* web-testsuite (servlets, jsp, jstl)
* enterprise-testsuite (ejb, jpa, jms, jacc, jta, javamail, jaf  etc)
* mgmt-testsuite (jee management, deployment)
* webservices-testsuite (wsee, jaxb, stax, saaj, ws-metadata etc)
* performance-testsuite (server startup time, server footprint etc)
* security-testsuite
* console-testsuite
* regression (compatibility)

If nobody has any objection to this top categorization, I shall go
ahead and create these testsuites over the weekend. Meanwhile you may
drop your tests in the existing testsuites for now. I shall move them

Lastly, how do we deal with super apps like daytrader that can span
across multiple testsuites ?


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