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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: EAR vs. WAR ClassLoader for Liferay
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:43:18 GMT

On Dec 14, 2006, at 8:01 AM, Brian Chan wrote:

> Here's the scenario, I need portal-kernel.jar to be shared between  
> the "portal" classloader, and any other hot deployable wars in  
> Geronimo. This works fine in Tomcat and JBoss, but the behavior is  
> slightly off in Geronimo (I think it's because the Geronimo  
> classloader is actually much more flexible, hence the behavior  
> change).
> I've tried using the shared lib directory, and added the correct  
> syntax in geronimo-web.xml, BUT, the portlet WAR actually sees the  
> singles created from portal-kernel.jar as a separate instance.  
> Meaning, it's giving me a copy of the shared lib between the two  
> wars, and not really giving me the same one.
Then for whatever reason the copy in shared/lib is not the one your  
app is using.  The most obvious way this could happen would be if you  
had <inverse-classloading/> in the environment element in your  
geronimo plan.

> We use singletons in portal-kernel to wire info via interfaces from  
> the portal to portlets.
> I got around this by deploying the portal as a WAR, then having the  
> portlets "depend" on the portal WAR. That gets around the problem,  
> but it doesn't let me do that if I try to deploy Liferay as an EAR  
> becuase there' isn't the idea of a WEB-INF/lib in the EAR.
> I've even tried deploying portal-kernel as a separate CAR, and then  
> having the portal AND the portlets depend on the CAR, but for some  
> reason, I still keep getting copies of the portal-kernel and not  
> really using the same instance.

That looks kinda like the same problem.  Have you tried building  
copies of the portal and portlets that don't have any copies of  
portal-kernel in them?  That's what I did integrating jetspeed2 in  
geronimo and is the approach I would recommend.

can you provide some pointers to the geronimo plan, and maybe the  
spec deployment descriptors?

david jencks

> Thanks everyone.
> --
> Brian Chan
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> Liferay, Inc.
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