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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 2.0-M1 Release
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 20:48:31 GMT

I don't think we should spend too much time on this release.  Lets  
just note the issues we run into and try to fix them for M2, possibly  
implementing more build support to help us avoid more legal-related  
issues, which seem to be the bulk of problems we run into.


On Dec 18, 2006, at 12:57 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> All,
> I have prepared 2.0-M1 for release.  Of course all the hard work  
> was done by the lot of y'all :)
> I have tested DayTrader 2.0-SNAPSHOT on this build and I'm  
> satisfied with the results.  All modes of operation functioned well  
> (SLSB, Direct, EJB and JPA).  I toned all the logs down to error to  
> not overwhelm the users with lots of diagnostic output (they can  
> always turn it up later if they want.)
> The uploads are taking forever so you'll see some piece parts  
> trickle in.  For the review I expect you'll want to focus on http:// 
> as this contains the assemblies  
> for your review and testing.  I've included both Tomcat and Jetty  
> as well as the minimal and j5ee assemblies.  The source code is  
> also there.
> Note that if you are planning on building you'll need to obtain the  
> openejb-2.2-incubating jars to your local repo.  The easiest way to  
> do this is to modify the root pom and add a repository for David's  
> home directory at
> For SNAPSHOTs of certain plugins I have resolved these files to the  
> most recent SNAPSHOT date / timestamp.  I'm pulling a copy of these  
> and will be putting them into our SVN for folks who may want to  
> build in the future.  I'm not too concerned about repeatability as  
> this Milestone will be superseded at the end of January with the  
> next version.
> The other MAven artifacts will be trickling onto people across my  
> horribly slow home pipe and dropped into 
> ~hogstrom/stage over the next few hours.
> Please review and cast your vote early.  The faster we determine  
> this build is good or if there is an issue the better.
> Thanks in advance for all your help in this effort.
> This vote will conclude at 0400 ET on Dec 21 (unless all you PMC  
> members vote quicker :)
> If a respin is is necessary this vote will be suspended and a new  
> one will start.
> Matt Hogstrom

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