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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: SVK
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 00:21:23 GMT
Yes, this is the best way... merge from 1.2 to trunk, as *most* of  
those changes will be fairly simple to apply, and automatic with SVK  
(well, up until the point when we rearrange trunk, but until then).

But some minor changes may also need to go the other way.  SVK should  
be able to handle this.  When I was working with SVK for the m2  
migration branch, I was keeping all svn notifications I got, then  
when they buffered up enough, I would use SVK to merge each change,  
limiting the path to either file or src/main/java for the modules  
affected to avoid pulling in unwanted changes.  In the case of the m2  
migration, unwanted changes would be stuff in a pom.  You could do a  
merge from the branch root, then cherry pick the changes, but that is  
not much fun when there are a bunch of changes.

Anyways... IMO its best to try to only merge from 1.2 to trunk, and  
if needed only merge from trunk to 1.2 on a per-file basis.

That means if you are working on fixing a bug, its best to fix it in  
1.2.  But experience has shown that people will work off of trunk and  
merge into branches more often than desired.  But, if you are careful  
about the merge then no major problems should pop up.

I also recommend, when using svk smerge, that you first run with -C  
to see what it wants to do first.  Limit the changes pulled in to one  
merge if possible to avoid picking up something you did not want.

And when you do the merge, use the -I flag to include the original  
text of the commit into the merge automatically, this makes it easier  
to track... and more automated... as if there are not conflicts, the  
merge will not require any user interaction.

When you initially setup the svk config you will need to use -- 
baseless on the first smerge, but only for the first... all  
afterwards SVK should have enough details to find the base, not sure  
what will happen if you keep using --baseless, so I don't recommend it.

And if you run into anything strange, unlikely but might happen, hope  
in #svk on freenode and ask, they have been very helpful to me.


On Dec 4, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Tim McConnell wrote:

> Ok, I'm setting up SVK so that we can keep changes between the new  
> 1.2 Branch and Trunk in sync. I don't mean to be too simplistic but  
> I would like to verify these assumptions on my part are correct  
> (before I do anything untoward):
> 1. The primary intent will be to ensure that changes made in the  
> 1.2 Branch will get merged into Trunk. Ideally these will be fixes  
> and/or enhancements that have been made to the 1.2 Branch that must  
> also be ported into Trunk as well.
> 2. Changes made to Trunk will NOT be merged into the 1.2 Branch.  
> This should pretty much be business as usual (it would be very  
> difficult to try to identify just code fixes in Trunk that have to  
> be retrofitted back into the 1.2 Branch).
> This seem reasonable to everyone ??
> Thanks much
> Tim

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