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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Geronimo build automation status (longish)
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 03:03:24 GMT
> On Dec 4, 2006, at 1:50 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>> What?  How did you get the idea that everyone has to use AntHill  
>> to build Geronimo?
>> You, or anyone are free to use any tool you like to build Geronimo  
>> in any fashion you prefer.  I have just found that the other build  
>> automation systems available do not have enough features to fill  
>> all of the different build and automated testing needs which we have.
> Jason,
> Will be really great to have regular builds running again (not to  
> mention new testing plans in the works). Thanks!
> Although I agree that John was a little off-base, I can see how he  
> might have gotten there... I think you could be a little more open  
> to questions and slight misconceptions as people start to  
> understand AntHill and the new automated build... Good news is John  
> is looking at it... ;-)

I'm always open to questions...

While I was a little shocked that such a conclusion could be drawn  
based on reading the mail I sent... there was no tone to be inferred  
by my response whatsoever.  I responded with some questions to why  
the conclusions were drawn... perhaps there was something specific in  
my initial email which lead him in that direction, if so I'd like to  
know what those specifics are so I can clarify them.

I'm now a little bit disturbed that you now think that based on my  
response that I am not open to questions... which I really can't see  
how you came to that based on the words I used in my response.

Why is it that if I don't write emails with happy smily faces all  
over them that people automatically assume that I am closed off,  
irritated or unwilling to listen to other opinions.  I am certainly  
open to any comments... though I will more than likely respond to  
them... in the same non-smily style.

But, for sake of clarity...




> While I'm on this thread, is the AntHill license specific to the  
> Apache Geronimo project? Or a general for Open Source project use?  
> I think it would be a good idea to notify the project and/or pmc if  
> we are obtaining licenses for use by the project...

As I mentioned in the initial email, the AntHill license is very  
similar to that of JIRA or Confluence... they grant licenses for use  
by open-source projects.

I had hopped to get a more perfect and complete system before I  
brought this to the community... though I'm not sure that would have  
mattered much.  Probably more that the tool is not open-source is why  
you even mention this.  If I did something similar with CC or  
Continuum no one would even mention it.  Too bad neither of those  
tools is comprehensive enough to do the job though... but maybe if we  
wait for a few more years they will be closer.


Maybe I need an apple mail plugin to randomly insert emotions into  
mail so that folks don't think that I am being harsh...

blah... email really sucks as an effective communication medium.


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